Welcome to the "Made in NY" application for local fashion businesses! 

Upon completion of this preliminary form, applicants will receive a follow-up email within one week. The message will provide detailed instructions on verification required to fulfill the program’s eligibility criteria.

Applications are reviewed and approved on a rolling basis. Fashion businesses must submit all required materials within a month of receiving the follow-up email.  

 Any questions regarding the program should be directed to minyfashion@edc.nyc. We receive a high volume of inquiries but try our best to respond as promptly as possible.
Made in NY: Fashion

To join the Made in NY: Fashion community, fashion companies must verify that they meet the following requirements:

-Legal entity
-Headquartered in New York City
-One or more full-time employees
-Manufacture one or more fashion products
-Presence in one or more retail stores
-Insurance of at least $1M per occurence and $2M per aggregate
-75 percent of production based in New York City

Once approved for, businesses are empowered to use the Made in NY logo in a variety of marketing capacities, including:

-Print, digital, and video advertisements
-Storefront decals
-Social media
-Product inserts

However, with great power comes great responsibility! Made in NY participant companies must:

-Sign a sublicense agreement with NYCEDC
-Notify NYCEDC in advance when featuring the logo on any print or digital materials
-NEVER use the logo on products or merchandise
-Re-apply every 2 years

I have read the Made in NY Overview. *

Company Name *

Note: If your company utilizes a d/b/a, please include the legal entity's name as well.
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Current number of employees

Primary Manufacturing Borough

Optional: Why are you interested in applying for the Made in NY? What does the idea of being made in New York mean for your brand? What does it mean to you personally?

Thank you for completing the preliminary submission form for Made in NY. We are looking forward to guiding your company through the rest of the process and ultimately, welcoming you into our vibrant community of local designers.  

You will receive a follow-up email within one week!
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